House of Elrick Old Tom takes you back to the dark and unwelcoming streets of 17th Century London, and the height of the Gin Craze. Forced underground through extortionate taxes entrepreneurial and maverick distillers started to produce a new type of gin – Old Tom.

Identified by a black Tom cat in a window or discreetly on the wall, Puss and Mew shops started to pop up across the city. Thirsty revellers would stop and whisper “Puss?” wherever the Tom Cat was visible. If gin was available “Mew” would be heard from inside, a coin would be put into a pipe and a shot of gin, sweeter than the popular London Dry, would come down the pipe in return.

New from House of Elrick

resurrection of an original

Built on the core botanicals of House Elrick gin and sweetened with syrup. House of Elrick Old Tom gin looks to replicate the original liquid, providing the puuuurfect base for the creation of a sweeter, era-inspired cocktail or to be enjoyed simple over ice.

A touch of coconut

Feeling particularly creative? House of Elrick Old Tom Coconut provides a coconut infused gin so that you can add a fruity base to a number of recipes.

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